My World - Adventure Of The Comic Artist

The anthology is a collaborative effort with local comic artists to mark the launching of the Sg Cartoon Resource Hub in 2022.

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The Winged Tiger in Singapore

The storybook is a collaboration with local artist He Shuxin (Ho See Kum) and the creator of the Winged Tiger, Phil Yeh, Geoff Bevington and Lieve Jerger. Published by ComixGuru and launched at the Singapore Toy Game Comic Convention (STGCC) in 2010.

Below are See Kum's illustration. The book covers are illustrated by Phil Yeh.

Mindful Flow

This book explains the relationship between mindfulness and the flow state and what the author thinks one can tap into the zone if one knows the conditions. Mindful Flow was written and published by Ho See Kum.

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Mindful Flow Book Cover