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Rediscover Cartooning

The workshop allows learners to experience the art of cartooning in this three aspect – Caricature, Cartoon and Comic Strip. They first learn how to draw a portrait through observation before transforming real faces into exaggerated caricature style drawing. The shall learn how to turn basic shapes into cute cartoon characters before crafting a story for their comic strip.

This workshop covers:

  • Caricature in cartoon, manga and portrait style
  • Exaggeration of the face
  • Cartoon drawing
  • Facial Expression
  • Body postures
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Comic strip and story crafting
Character Drawing

Rediscover Cartoon Creation

The workshop focuses on the use of shapes and lines (elements) to create original cartoon characters. Learners shall learn how to draw the cartoon and manga styles faces before they draw the human figure and dress them up with a variety of clothes. Learners shall be able to apply the principle of cartoon drawing and character design at the end of the lesson.

This workshop covers:

  • Figure drawing in Cartoon/Manga style
  • Face and expression
  • Clothes and personalities
  • Body postures
  • Hand gestures
  • Character creation
  • Techniques for pencilling/inking

Rediscover Comics Making

The workshop focuses on story crafting and how to tell a story using images, words and panels. Learners shall explore the concept of comics and learn the strategies of panelling for their comic strip/story.

This workshop covers:

  • Understanding of the comics medium
  • Character creation
  • Storyboarding
  • Page layout
  • Panel transition
  • Pencilling/inking

Rediscover Cartoon & Comics Making

The workshop provides learners the skills of creating one’s own cartoon character, crafting story to drawing their comics strip. They shall learn to plan and conceptualise their ideas first, work on a story draft after that and then pencil the final comics pages.

This workshop covers:

  • Cartoon drawing
  • Postures and hand gestures in cartoon
  • Facial expression
  • Understanding of the comics medium
  • Storyboarding
  • Page layout
  • Panel transition
  • Pencilling/inking

Rediscover Cartoon Lettering & Symbols

The workshop enable learners to understand the relation between images and texts as well as how we associate meaning in symbols. Learners shall be able to design their own logos and symbols and bring it to the next level once they understand the concept behind it.

This workshop covers:

  • Cartoon lettering styles
  • Exaggeration of text
  • The emotional aspect in lettering
  • Symbols and their associated meaning
  • Symbols that incorporated with logos

Rediscover Perspective For Comics

The workshop allows learners to explore the concept of perspective in both drawing and the comics medium. They shall apply the rules of perspective and uses it in their comics panel to express their idea.

This workshop covers:

  • Concept of perspective in a drawing
  • One and two points perspective
  • People in perspective
  • Perspective in scenery drawing
  • Camera angle and viewpoints in comics
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Rediscover Cartoon Drawing & Colouring

The workshop teaches young learners to draw cartoon based on observation as well as imagination. They shall learn the techniques of colouring using coloured pencils and oil pastels. Young learners shall learn to explore new ideas and express their world views in their art.

This workshop covers:

  • Cartoon people
  • Cartoon animal
  • Colouring techniques with coloured pencils
  • Blending techniques with oil pastel
  • Drawing themes based on shared local identities

Rediscover Drawing & Painting

The workshop empowers learners to experience the complete processes of image making from the use of lines, shapes, forms to completing the drawing with colours. Learners shall be able to draw from observation and use watercolour to express their art.

This workshop covers:

  • Lines and shapes in an image
  • Forms and values in 3-dimensional drawing
  • Texture and colours in an artwork
  • Perspective drawing
  • Picture composition
  • Watercolour painting

Our Skills & Expertise

ComixGuru engaged trainers who are skilled in their area of expertise and have at least 2 years of experiences teaching in schools or have worked with children within the education industry. All trainers are registered with MOE-IRS, AMIS certified and a few are approved NAC-AEP teaching artist.

Art Skills

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 Art is also the first skill we Give Up when there is an exam.

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