7th Singapore Original Comic Festival

Online interview with Ho See Kum.

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National Instructors Coaches Association (NICA) sharing session

Ho See Kum shared with NICA members how he put together a learning management system (LMS) using WordPress during the Covid period.

(Extracted from interview) Just ask Mr Ho See Kum. The anime fan has been doodling comics ever since he watched the anime Laputa The Castle In The Sky at the age of 17. It sparked his lifelong interest in comics and drawing, which then became a career. In 2002, he started ComixGuru, a cartooning and art education service provider for schools and private institutions.

For 20 years, he has been teaching in more than 50 primary and secondary schools. Some of his flagship courses that are popular in schools include “Rediscover Cartoon Creation” and “Rediscover Comics Making”. 

All was smooth sailing for the 46-year-old, who is married without children, until the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Schools nationwide implemented home-based learning, which meant that Mr Ho could no longer teach art in person.