ComixGuru is an art and cartooning education service provider founded by Ho See Kum in 2004. The company's art programmes were NAC-AEP approved, and instructors are MOE-IRS and AMIS registered. See Kum and his instructors have taught art and cartooning workshops in many primary and secondary schools over the past ten years and worked with art teachers to customise programmes for their schools.

ComixGuru strongly believes that the self-mastery of the individual is possible when learners have access to quality learning material and lessons, whether they attend a class or learn online. But every learner's level of understanding and expectation on the lesson topic can vary due to age and maturity, which makes teaching challenging.

Therefore, instead of trying to teach everything and hoping the learners will benefit, we design our teaching approach to "one skill set that makes a difference" and focus on differentiated learning to suit learners with various capabilities.

We used video content, demonstration and curated presentation to make the lesson easy, engaging and enjoyable for the learners.

LearnXArt is a subsidiary of ComixGuru, founded in 2022 to provide online art/cartooning courses to the public. It focuses on an e-learning framework to empower self-learners to pursue their passion and improve their skills. LearnXArt aims to provide a variety of art courses that are fast and easy to learn with today's needs and practicality in mind. The programmes are crafted by Ho See Kum with support from experts in the art/cartooning community.

Ho See Kum is an established art educator with 20 years of teaching experience in the industry. He is a writer, artist, art educator and content creator for ComixGuru’s LearnXArt programme for school art and enrichment classes.

He has conducted cartooning workshops at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and taught at Gradsign Art School between 2003 – 2007. His Rediscover Cartooning programmes have been listed in NAC-AEP since 2006 and benefited various schools (listed in CV) and institutions in Singapore.

See Kum has coached individual students for both O’Level and IB art programmes and run his drawing classes in learning centres. He also teaches drawing and painting to senior citizens and elderlies at Saint Luke’s Elder Care Centres and Neighbour Ring Community Services.

He is an alumnus of NAFA and a mentor for the Nafa Comic Club. See Kum is the founder of ComixGuru, LearnXArt, Sg Cartoon Resource Hub and Comic Embassy.

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