"To Draw Is Our Ability. To Create Is A Skill. To Express Is The Highest Form Of Communication Mankind Seeks"

An Artist Is Not Born But Made

To be able to do beautiful arts...

Drawing comes first

We teach you the fundamentals of drawing and show you how to interpret your seeing with lines, shapes and forms. Once you know the basic skills, we will show you how to draw beautiful cartoons using our secret moves.

Pin Pong 2015 001 b


Create your avatars

An avatar is also our persona, a character we made to connect with the world. We will show you how to create your characters so that they become the actors of your story.


Finally it is time to choose...

Which art form to present

What do you want to do with your cartoon? What are you using it for? People may learn to draw cartoon for different reasons. Some may want to create characters while others seek to express their views using cartoon or comics.


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"The Value Of A Cartoon Is not The Drawing But The Message It Brings Upon The Audience"

Tell me more about your courses

We would love to share with you how cartooning can change your reality as It does to mine

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