Courses original from ComixGuru




ComixGuru’s cartooning courses are designed for classroom learning and are approved by NAC-AEP. These programme are eligible for up to 50% subsidy from the Tote Board Arts Grant:

 Rediscover Cartooning
 Rediscover Cartoon Creation
 Rediscover Comics Making
 Rediscover Cartoon and Comics Making
 Rediscover Cartoon Drawing and Colouring
 Rediscover Cartoon Lettering and Symbols
 Rediscover Perspective for Comics


The information of the courses are published on the NAC-AEP website at
You may contact us at if you need to know more about our programme.


Rediscover Cartooning


Experience the joy of drawing a Panel Cartoon, Gag Strip or Caricature like what you have read in the newspaper.

Rediscover Cartoon Creation


Learn the basis of cartoon drawing and create your first cartoon characters. Lesson content: People/Face/Expression/Posture/Clothes

Rediscover Comics Making


Learn how to turn your ideas into a story and expresses it in a comics page. Lesson content: Comics elements/Story plot/Story board/Page layout/Pencilling/Inking

Rediscover Cartoon Drawing & Colouring


Learn to colour your creation/artwork with your favourite art medium. Lesson content: Colouring techniques in coloured pencils/oil pastels/ watercolours