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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”          - Thomas Merton

And the beneficial of learning to draw and paint...


What You Can Do With Your Art Skills

The Winged Tiger In Singapore

Story Book

Draw for your clients or self-published a story book with an educational and inspirational angle in mind.


Comic Strips

Write, draw and publish your own comic strip that leaves a strong impression.

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Print or email a card to your clients or people that you want to stay in touch.

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Create your own avatar and promote your services



Create beautiful mascot that becomes ambassador for your business image.

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Use cartoon to secure attention and increase reader's interest in your published content.

How A Cartoon Art Works

Curiosity and humour are the number one factors why people find cartoon entertaining 

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"It used to be our hunting ground."

1. Grab Attention

It acts like a pattern interrupt. The image stops you in the path when you are reading a passage.

2. Form Impression

Our mind begins to form association when interpreting the picture.

3. Generate Discussion

We began to share and talk about the deeper issues that connect with our concerns.

Comics Can Show A Different Side Of A Story

Showing a story is more effective than telling as a picture can say it all


1. We read from left to right and down

Our eyes roam around each panel and anchor at images that are dark or prominent looking.

2. We interpret the text in the speech bubble

Our mind is trying to form meaning based on the image and the words in each panel.

3. We make sense from the sequence of panels

Our mind generates an impression that we can relate with based on previous memories or experiences we have encountered.

 Impression Are Made Through Humour And Surprises!

How Cartoon Made Learning Fun And Easy In A Corporate Training Session

PowerPoint Presentation

Cartoon triggers imagination in brainstorming sessions

As the Research & Insights person of a media agency, part of my job is to power our working teams with market information, knowledge and trends updates. During COVID-19 pandemic, many research houses and media vendors have been sharing various reports to show the impact and implications of this crisis to lives of consumers and businesses. Amidst all hard core research pieces on COVID-19, I’ve decided to use Cartoon drawing to share my thoughts and observations with teams through a more light-hearted way. I’ve created ‘A Day in my Life during COVID-19”, “My Consumer Journey during COVID-19” series, which showcase some of my personal experiences during COVID-19 as a consumer, and highlighted key marketing implications in respond to each scenario. By doing so, I hope to capture attention of readers and trigger “Food for Thoughts” for our working teams, clients and/or working partners.

Both the pieces have been well-received by colleagues in Singapore, as well as those around the world when shared in yammer group. Many have shared praises and find the approach brilliant - SIMPLE, INTERESTING, INSIGHTFUL, EASY TO UNDERSTAND and most importantly, it RESONATES well with them. - Tan Yee Tong

Cartoon And Comics Goes Together With National Education

MOE on Covid 19

Ministry of Education (MOE) uses cartoon to educate students on the COVID-19 outbreak.


Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 11.26.50 AM

Asiapac Books insight review on how comics and graphic novels can play a role in children's education.

"You can learn Art and Cartooning on your own. That's how I began too"

















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