Cartooning and Art Education Service Provider to Schools Since 2004

We worked closely with schools and teachers to design the ideal programme for their students

Primary Schools

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Secondary Schools

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Poly and Jc

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Legacy eBook Art Folio

We worked with schools to craft their story and legacy.

Find out more in our Legacy+ package.

Portrait art
Manga art

Post-Exam Manga Workshops

We tailor-made our programmes to align with schools' objectives and plans.

Teacher's Day Activity

We prepared students to draw their favourite teachers into beautiful manga characters.

Poster art

We train and guide students to complete their school assignments and participate in art contests.

Our Skills & Expertise

ComixGuru engaged trainers who are skilled in their area of expertise and have at least 2 years of experiences teaching in schools or have worked with children within the education industry. All trainers are registered with MOE-IRS, AMIS certified and a few are approved NAC-AEP teaching artist.

Art Skills

Art is the first skill we Pick Up when we are young.

 Art is also the first skill we Give Up when there is an exam.

 Art is Here to Stay whether we are good at it or not.



Art is the solution to a better person